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What is corporate wellness?

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I begin the first publication in a series inspired by meetings with real clients – companies where I have
advised managers on how to build a corporate wellness strategy within the organization, the resulting
processes, requirements and benefits for both the employer and employees.

One of the most frequently asked questions is what corporate wellness really is. Whether it is a
particular model, I note that there is a great wandering, misunderstanding of this concept.

To put it simply, corporate wellness is all the good that an employer does for their employees with the
idea that they are healthy, balanced and happy at work. A wide range of elements can be included here:
all the social benefits the employer offers to its employees, the presence of a pleasant workplace
atmosphere (from a comfortable chair and desk, access to sunlight, a spacious terrace for relaxation, a
lounge, greenery in the office, etc.), offering various initiatives aimed at raising awareness and taking
care of oneself (participation in lectures, seminars and workshops on health topics, offering regular
biometric measurements, participation in challenges – using the stairs instead of the elevators, getting to
the office on foot or by bicycle instead by a car, etc., the challenge of expressing gratitude among
colleagues, charity initiatives, tournaments, waste collection actions, mindfulness and meditation, sports
in the office, etc., etc.)
In fact, corporate wellness is such a broad concept that it is perfectly normal to have confusion.
And the biggest misunderstanding comes from the fact that corporate wellness has 6 types:

  1. Physical wellness
  2. Emotional wellness
  3. Relationship wellness
  4. Career Wellness
  5. Financial Wellness
  6. Social wellness

Each of these areas or combinations of them may be embedded in the company’s corporate wellness
strategy or program. Right here is the key point, I would even express the art and craftsmanship of an
overall wellness strategy for an organization. Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution in designing
such a strategy. Just because every organization is different, every organizational culture is different,
every person, part of a company team, is different. Therefore, the needs, goals, intentions,
opportunities and priorities are different.
In the next posts I will go into more detail about each type of wellness and examples of how we can
improve it in the team and the company. In addition, I will look at the most common mistakes and
myths in corporate wellness.
If you are interested in designing or optimizing your corporate wellness strategy, please contact me on
0878 207 156 or info@howthrive.com

Wishing you Thriving people and thriving business,

Deni Andonova -Your Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist

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