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Physical wellness in the workplace – what’s included here?

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In the  previous post What is Corporate Wellness? I mentioned the 6 types of wellness in the workplace and as promised, I begin to look at each of them with specific examples.

Physical wellness in the workplace is all about health, prevention, habits and the work environment. I will distance myself from the requirements of safe working conditions, which must be complied  by law anyway, and which represent some kind of minimum well-being in the workplace, and will try to give you a broad perspective on this so interesting type wellness.

As I have many years of practice consulting with individual clients regarding the development of holistic strategies for well-being – nutrition, cellular nutrition, energy, emotional balance, positive psycology and others, I realize how valuable a person’s physical well-being is and how strongly it affects the working processes.

Imagine what kind of productivity we can talk about if an employee can’t systematically get some sleep? Factors such as sleep quality, bad habits, low energy in the morning and energy downturns during the day, unhealthy and unbalanced eating, lack of drinking habits, ineffective resting patterns, lack of movement, lack of tone, posture and  when performing work tasks, the presence of pain (and in some cases, maladies and diagnoses) can be serious obstacles to productivity, presentation, motivation, creativity, the desire to collaborate with colleagues and managers, poor communication , lack of empathy and others.

These are pretty personal topics for most people. Therefore, the approach to this type of wellness must be very delicate, with great care and love for people, understanding and providing proven information, different perspectives and options for action.

We aim several aspects in corporate wellness programs:

People to get adequate information

Make people aware of where they are right now – what are they doing right, where do they need to change?

People have the opportunity, if they decide !!!, to take the first steps towards the desired position and results.

Being a representative of the holistic approach (this approach builds on the believe   that a person is a whole body, energy and emotional balance), I am not a fan of aggressive programs for the results  like weight loss challenges (I don’t like even the word “weight loss”, I’ve explained in detail why I prefer to replace it with balancing or weight optimization in my book “Cellular Nutrition with Deni. A Holistic Guide to Healthy Care and Self-Love”). In my opinion, it is important to take into account the individuality of each participant in the physical wellness program and to take into account his or her individual picture. People progress differently. For some, even the fact that they admit to themselves that they have a problem they want to deal with is a big improvement. For others, adhering to a balanced regimen is easy, their body responds quickly and results are achieved effectively. But there are so many factors here. Each person’s starting status and personal history are very important to what results they will achieve in a wellness program. Sometimes it is not just a challenge for the physical body, very often there is also a psycho-emotional blockage, which was the first reason for the body to be in this condition. It is therefore important to have this understanding of a holistic understanding of the person.

In this type of wellness, I adore the fact that teams forget the power differences, roles, conflicts… and sit together just as people wanting to learn something useful, important, meaningful, how to help themselves, how to take a better care of them myself. Many of the managers I worked with told me afterwards that they were already looking at their employees in a different way … as people – people, different, wonderful, all who went through their history, gathered together to learn, develop, contribute and succeed. Putting this universal understanding into organizations is a very beautiful process for me. Makes me believe in the values, ideals, good, mission and contribution that companies and people can have together.

Don’t underestimate physical wellness. In order for the organization to function well, the people in it must be well. And the health and well-being of the physical level are very visible! The valuable thing here is that there are many ways to measure and track physical indicators. HRA – health risk assessment tools are available. Our team has a specially developed holistic HRA that measures the 6 types of wellness, covering them in depth.

If you want to make sure your employees are healthier, more balanced, more aware of their habits, more smiling and rested, more caring and loving themselves, it will be a joy for me to assist you in this process.

If you have any comment, questions or new ideas, please contact me! I will be so happy to meet you!

I wish you well-being and wellness on every level,

Deni Andonova

Your certified corporate wellness specialist®

Positive and organizational psychologist, HR, holistic practitioner, book author, trainer

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