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Dear friends and partners,

We at How thrive believe that in order to thrive, it is important to share with others – our knowledge, experience, time, resources, energy and emotions.

For this reason, as a continuation of our motto of Thriving People.Thriving business. Thriving world. we also founded the Foundation for Thriving Bulgaria.

The Thriving Bulgaria Foundation aims to take care of mental health and well-being at all levels, to improve the environment in our country in terms of health awareness, balance, positive habits and changing attitudes with a focus on happiness, well-being, prosperity.

Mission of the Thriving Bulgaria Foundation: To help achieve higher levels of mental health and well-being in all aspects by building positive habits and awareness for prosperity.

Our team has specific and interesting expertise and can be involved in initiatives that raise awareness of the 6 levels of well-being and guidelines for improving them. In addition, we have the opportunity to use the app to create positive habits and awareness for the thriving -How thrive app. In this way you gain the following benefits:

  1. Provide your team with innovative social benefits – using an app to create positive habits and awareness for prosperity How thrive app.

2. You can brand an in-app program and place specific practices and programs after our workshop that enhance different aspects of your company in terms of human capital management – care for physical, emotional, mental health, coaching skills, holistic programs, breathing and kinesiology exercises.

3. Every time you choose to use the How thrive app for yourself, your team and your company, you are supporting the The Thriving Bulgaria Foundation initiative. You can choose from the current initiatives of the Thriving Bulgaria Foundation or together as partners to launch a new initiative that is in perfect harmony with your corporate vision.

4. You can also support the Thrving Bulgaria Foundation as a sponsor or as a volunteer by participating in our initiatives.

The Thriving Bulgaria Foundation’s vision is: To be a preferred partner for your CSR policy and program and to participate in nationally significant projects – on its own and in collaboration with other organizations, raising awareness of self-care,  health improving, balance and well-being at all levels and building awareness for prosperity.

It will be a great joy, privilege and responsibility for us to be your partners in your corporate social responsibility.

Contact us for more information on 0878207156 and info@howthrive.com

Go to www.howthrive.org – the official page of Thriving Bulgaria Foundation