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Is the stress release actually easy?!

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When I taught the K-Power® Stress Release Made Easy course for the first time, this made me even more aware of some of the key points in managing stress in our daily lives.

There has always been, and will be, stress. The point is, what is our response to stress.

There are 2 types of stress – distress (the negative stress we just try to survive, our survival mode) and eustress (positive stress in which we have the ability to thrive, our thriving mode), in which our whole body functions well, in which our telomeres extend and our life expectancy increases, in which we have quality of life, experiences and emotions that fill us with love, joy, gratitude, forgiveness, faith, support, meaning, contribution).

From our beliefs, attitudes, repressed emotions, worldview and understanding of our lives come a great deal of problems, blockages and imbalances. If we decide to change the root causes, if we take the responsibility to be the true creators of our lives, then we open ourselves to new horizons, new experiences, new goals and new results.

Each of us has our own stress management strategy. The question is can we improve it, optimize it. Can we  replace some useless habits?… Add, remove, or change something so that we can benefit ourselves and others and be in eustress.

It’s a good idea to take note of what we’ve been through the last year of our lives.

In the K-Power® Stress Release Made Easy course, we do a very interesting Holmes and Rae test of life events. The test gives a different number of points for events (negative and positive) that have been a part of our lives over the last 12 months. Summing up the total number of points, we can evaluate the significant life events in our lives.

The following is an interpretation of the results regarding the correlation between major events and the onset of diseases (this was Dr. Thomas Holmes’ initial interest). Whether an event is positive or negative, it can be as stressful as it requires change or adaptation. Higher scores are more likely to unlock physical discomfort or illness.

Exactly this test, when I was trained as an instructor in this K-Power® course, brought me a lot of awareness. The key to the test is that over 300 points the probability of developing the disease is 80%. Pretty much percentage. My score equal to the number of points given for different events in the period of 1 year back was 608 points. 608 !!! I realized how dynamic my year really was and… something very important, how effective my personal stress management strategy was. Because I can safely say that I feel in perfect health and I am inspired, energized, grateful and happy with my life. Admittedly, I never thought that a person with a similar life could have an 80% chance of developing a disease!

Among the students in today’s training there were also those with much higher scores than 300m. BUT again a feeling of rich, beautiful, interesting and dynamic life, at the same time filled with ease! Our stress management strategies, however, are very similar. And, personally for myself, I know that the key to living in the eustress of the wave crest is hidden just in the repetitive elements!

Here are some of my steps for managing stress:

1.K-Power (my favorite are the Epigenetic Cycles, you can learn more about the technique here) and other kinesiological techniques for stress relief, emotion management, energy balance. It takes between 20 seconds and a few minutes a day. For over half a year, I have been doing this balancing technique every day and I feel much more connected to myself, calm, productive, inspired, motivated, happy.

2.Cellular Nutrition – This is my complete self-care system, including nutrition, movement, breathing, emotions, tone and balance, daily mindfulness practices. If you want or need some guidance, in my book, Cellular Nutrition with Deni. A holistic guide to health care and self-care ”I have paid special attention to this mechanism. If you would like to know more, you can order it on 0878207156 or denitsa.andonova@gmail.com.

3.Daily practices for thriving consciousness – expressing gratitude, setting goals and dreams. Soon the platform and mobile application will be ready to give you access to these very effective and transformative programs.

4.Social support and a positive environment. I am enjoying nice, successful, inspirational and harmonious people.

5.Perhaps the most important part is spending as much quality time with family and loved ones as possible. I love my two little daughters and I sincerely have fun with each of their new words, games and fun! I am grateful and happy to be in the role of  beloved wife and mother!

  1. Learning – I am constantly learning to enrich my toolbox with techniques and new methods that bring me, my loved ones and my clients to the desired results even more effectively and with ease. Every day I read a book, watch online or participate in trainings, find valuable advice in an area of ​​interest to me right now.

7.I follow my inspiration – I do whatever is pleasant, fun, interesting, energizing, enriching, evolving, which brings me into the state of flow known by positive psychology and simply enjoying life in its entire spectrum.

8.I delegate everything else. Very useful point, I learned it the hard way, but I think it works out already.

9.I watch comedies and laugh a lot.

10.I keep the promises I have made to myself. This is a very important part of the energy balance and I am very strict in this regard.

Wishing you could turn stress into your friend and use it for your growth and prosperity!

Deni Andonova

Your certified corporate wellness specialist®

Positive and organizational psychologist, HR, holistic practitioner, book author, trainer

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