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Quality rest time – myth or reality in your company?

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On Friday nights, as  anticipated the upcoming weekends, I thought about how many managers and employees are faced with the dilemma of getting work home, going through the office on weekends, or staying up late, or come early to check off a few more urgent tasks.

Yes, it is sometimes necessary for managers and employees to have a more engaged presentation, to make a “gesture” to the company, to show their commitment. But there are mechanisms for that – extra remuneration for overtime, etc. I do not want to become “black” in the eyes of employers, and I am certainly writing all this because I am observing what an epidemic is with a Burnout syndrome, for example. In addition, emotionally and physically, people are exhausted and overstressed, don’t have effective copying strategies, feel obliged, but not appreciated, and ultimately, this does not lead to anything positive for the company and the individual employee.

Consider the following questions: Does your company support this behavior? Do they look with a good eye on the highly committed to the working process? Is it compulsory to pick up your work phone at the weekend? Send some emails from the beach? Come back a day earlier from a vacation for a major corporate event?

Very often, managers at different levels are the most affected by these practices in companies.

However, today I want to give you some different prisms to look at these situations. I will be glad you to realize some models and from now on to take adequate actions that will lead to long-term success for both the company and the individual.

It is a question of corporate culture what behavior is desired and tolerated. My appeal here is: Create a corporate culture that values ​​and promotes good time management skills, effective targeting, active delegation and prioritization skills. The different point of view here is that getting work at home  or not to be able to complete your workday tasks is indicative of several counterproductive manifestations – lack of skills for structuring work tasks, lack of good communication with management about workload, lack of time management skills, etc. In addition, in the long run, this would imbalance personal life and relationships, affect motivation, productivity and creativity, as well as aggravate accumulated fatigue, stress, distress and the risks of burnout.

When such behavior becomes the norm and becomes stimulated, the whole team will suffer. The focus should be on quality and optimal performance in the workplace, not on an inefficient allocation of tasks and time.

People are not familiar with how to help themselves. Offer them various trainings, lectures, workshops. Create a library in the company with books on healthy topics, personal growth, and the creation of skills and positive habits. Meet them with specialists, offer professional help. Create new skills for your employees in how to take better care of themselves. This will help them take better care of your business. Show respect for personal time and the need for rest and recovery of employees. This will be appreciated by them.

Create new rules and values ​​when performing work tasks. Start with a personal example of changing vicious practices and showing good ways to balance work and personal life.

Corporate wellness programs and strategies place a strong emphasis on building positive rest models. This is crucial for productivity, motivation and a work atmosphere. Start today setting a positive change, showing commitment and a desire to optimize processes and improve work-life integration. If you need ideas, it will be an honor and a joy for us and our team to help you.

Wishing you inner harmony and work – life balance!

I wish you well-being and wellness on every level,

Deni Andonova

Your certified corporate wellness specialist®

Positive and organizational psychologist, HR, holistic practitioner, book author, trainer

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